south african red wineSouth African Red Wine

South Africa has a history of wine making which stretches back into the 17th century and is the oldest ‘New World’ country producing many different styles of wine. The country supplies a variety of South African red wine and most are single-varietal wines in a selection of styles. There is a range of elegant and sophisticated South African red wine, unlike others which can be big and powerful.

There is a range of elegant and sophisticated South, unlike others which can be big and powerful.

There is a variety of finishes and tastes to suit everyone’s palettes that has been born out of the wonderful array of soils that are used to grow the grapes that create the South African wine. The past few decades have been great for increasing the accessibility for us to get a hold of this wine.

South Africa claims over 1.5% of the worlds grape vineyards and achieves a yearly production of over 260 million gallon, placing it in the top 10 wine growing regions in the world. There are a number of wine growing districts in South Africa that have built up a great reputation, with some considered among the best in the world.

The best of the South African wines are sometimes a challenge to come by, as with the popularity of the county’s wine industry has grown, as has the need for specialists that can identify the best wines of the region.