Rose Wine

rose wineRose is a type of wine that makes use of a small amount of colour from grape skins when being made, but not quite enough to qualify it as a red wine. The intensity of the colour comes varied along a scale, from pale ‘onion’ skin orange, to a vivid, near-purple colour – which is the result of the grape type used and wine-making technique employed.

Rose wines come in a range of types, including sparkling, semi-sparkling and still and come with different levels of sweetness. From bone dry Provencal Rose, to sweet White Zinfandels and blushes, Rose wines are made from a huge variety of grapes and found to origin from all sorts of wine making regions around the world.

Generally, Rose have comparatively more sulphites in them to other wines. For this reason, Wine Wire only recommend a select few. As sulphite free wine is becoming bigger and more important, people are finding alternative wines to drink that don’t make them feel bad, or give them reactions.

However, low sulphite rose wine does exist and are in fact delightful to drink. Examples of this type include Italian La Selva Organic Rosato and Grangehurst Cape Blend Rose among several others.

The process and flavour

Rose in colour is a pink wine, appearing to be some kind of cross between red and white wine. While this is true in some respect, you cannot assume mixing a red and white wine together will create a rose – in fact, it’s frowned upon to do such an act.

To understand exactly what rose wine is, we need to understand the wine making process. Rose happens when the skins of red grapes touch the wine for just a short time, normally anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days. This process is called maceration, and in the case of rose wine, gives the winemaker complete control over the colour of the wine.

The flavours that rose is available are normally red fruit, flowers. citrus and melon, albeit dependent on the supplier. The region known as Provence in France is the area most known for growing grapes that go on to be turned into rose wine. Rose wine has exploded onto the market across the world and is especially popular during summer months.