Californian White Wine

frey_sulphite_free_natural_whiteThe Californian wine industry is very big and they have vast tracts of land under vine. You could even compare the amount of land to the drive from Manchester to London, with nothing but vines and glorious scenery.

There are a large range of different grape types that are used in Californian white wine making, with famed names being of extreme importance.

Central Valley is a mass producer of mediocre grapes which are trapped between two mountain ranges, which makes it too hot making the grapes ripen too quickly.

Californian white wine is truly wonderful when you find the right range of bottles available and the secret to finding the ‘good stuff’, is by looking for vineyards which are cooled by the sea.


This grape type is white and is made into table and sparkling wines. This grape is known as one of the easiest to grow and is less fussy about the type of climate and soil type it is grown in. These wines are often toasty, smoky and contain flavours that could be deemed as oaky. Many have fruity aromas inclusive of citrus, tropical and caramel flavour types, meaning that there is a range for different taste types.

Sauvignon Blanc

This famed grape variety is the second most popular domestic grape varietal, after Chardonnay and can be sometimes named in the USA as Fumé Blanc. This wine type does range widely on the climate that it is grown in, how ripe they are when harvested and how the winemaker chooses to vinify the juice. It is normally crisper than Chardonnay and more medium bodied rather than heavy.

Other popular Californian White Wines include Pinor Grigio, Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Blanc.