Australian White Wines

Australia may be an enormous country on its own, but its area under vine is rather small when you compare it to European countries.It became challenging to say the least for the survival of any living thing, due to the conditions for survival. Virtually, all the vineyards are in the cooler South, but Tasmania is just too cold to produce any great wines.

The Australian wine industry is becoming increasingly popular and of higher quality, with thanks to it’s abundance of sunshine and the recognition of the need for cooler vineyard sites at altitude to prevent over ripening.

There are a number of winemakers in Australia who steer clear of the fruity tastes and lashings of oak for a leaner and subtler wine. Instead, they embrace the use of single vineyards as opposed to blending grapes from different regions. This has created a great quality selection of Australian white wines, including Hugh Hamilton and Wick’s Estate.