How to prevent dementia and alzeimer’s disease – drink good wine!

Dec 09

There is loads of press about the dementia epidemic affecting the UK. Yet there is very little constructive advice for people worried about it, and there is virtually no advice on how to prevent or delay it happening to you. But all the medical evidence is out there. Here is a passage taken from Dr Phil Norrie’s paper on the health benefits of good...

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Minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland

Jul 26

Now that the UK government has dropped plans to introduce a minimum alcohol pricing strategy, more focus is on the Scottish parliament who are allegedly pushing ahead with their own plans. I strongly suspect that these plans will also be shelved when the mighty Scotch whisky industry stamps it’s feet hard enough though. However, how would this affect wine if...

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BMW 640d Gran Coupe – owner’s opinion

Jul 02

Whilst I know I should really be writing about wine related topics here, I couldn’t resist giving my opinion on my new BMW 640d Gran Coupe. When I was stuck choosing between a 5 series and the new 6 Gran Coupe I searched the internet trying to find an honest review to help me choose. There were some which were useful but plenty of others which were written by...

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Internet wine tax fiddle – is your wine and money safe?

Jun 27

As we’re all now getting used to shopping on the internet, one of the biggest advantages has been in the world of wine. No longer are you restricted to what is available at your local wine shop – if you were lucky enough to have one – and no longer are you at the mercy of an inefficient small business who needs to charge you too much to pay his...

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Grangehurst Pinotage chosen by Sam Branson for his wedding!

Mar 28

I’m not a celebrity watcher, and I even had to check up first – but yes, Sam Branson is Richard Branson’s son, and heir to his £3.4 billion fortune. Well Sam just got married to his beautiful bride, actress Isabella Calthorpe, at his dad’s luxury retreat in South Africa, and he requested Grangehurst Pinotage for the wedding breakfast which...

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Chancellor’s Budget – Wine duty up again!

Mar 21

Yesterday’s budget by Chancellor George Osbourne did nothing for wine drinkers as he kept the existing alcohol duty escalator as put in place by the previous Labour government. This means the excise duty on a typical bottle of wine will rise by 10 pence plus VAT. On sparkling wines and wines over 15% ABV the increase will be 13 pence plus VAT. This takes excise...

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