natural wine 101

Natural wines are gaining popularity with wine drinkers due to their superior health benefits and taste. These are wines that have been produced with minimal additions of chemicals and intervention of technology, meaning they are the most natural types of wine available on the globe.

These natural wines are different from organic wine. Whilst organic wines use organic ingredients, it does not mean that they are not subject to additional chemicals or physical manipulation during the winemaking process. Natural winemakers ensure this doesn’t happen at any stage of the process.

Since natural wine is yet to hold any ‘definitive’ legal status, it can be very hard to find legitimate, 100% genuine natural wines. Here are some tips to help you find the best and most natural (and health beneficial) stuff!

Natural wine should be organically or biodynamically grown and dry-farmed in low-yielding vineyard. The grapes of the wine should be hand-picked with no added sugars, no foreign additive yeasts and no foreign bacteria.

  •         Organically or biodynamically grown
  •         Dry farmed in low-yielding vineyards
  •         Handpicked grapes
  •         No added sugars
  •         No foreign yeasts
  •         No foreign bacteria
  •         No external flavour additives (including from new oak barrels, staves, chips or liquid extracts)

Ideally, a natural wine will meet the above criteria, ensuring that the drink is kept as normal and natural as possible. The degree of each of these features will vary from wine to wine and it is unlikely you will drink a wine which follows every single aspect listed here, though the best ones will.

The benefits of natural wines are that they are less harmful to your general health than that of wines that contain a lot of sulphites. Sulphites are chemicals that are added to preserve wine and give it a long shelf life and make it easier to transport, but considered the main cause for headaches, hangovers and other body allergic reactions.

Natural wines are increasingly popular and becoming a little bit easier to find. To try your first bottle of natural wine, try out