south African wine

South Africa is a famous place when it comes to wine. Some of the best wines available on the internet and in stores are found under the South African section, though it is not always known why.

Those of us in the UK know that South Africa is far away, and may tend to choose closer originating wines such as those from France, Italy and Spain. What you are about to read will enlighten you on the world of South African wines.

The climate in South Africa is near perfect for grape growing, whilst the soil is also of great characteristic to which effective grape growing can take place. Because of this, the vineyards have been established for many years (starting in the 1600s and initially growing South African white wine), coupling their perfect growing characteristics with a high level of knowledge and expertise.

South African now exports over 450 million litres of wine every single year, putting them among the top ten biggest wine growing countries (no wonder you see South African wine in most stores now).

Since there is such a vast amount of wine being exported to the rest of the world from this country is ever-increasing, it means that they are able to upscale their services and offerings to ensure efficient, sustainable and fantastic tasting wines that please all concerns of some wine drinkers.

South Africa is perhaps most widely known for its Chenin Blanc, as it is the most widely produced type to come out of the country. Because South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of Africa, it has exceptional conditions to which grape growing can thrive. This is somewhat of a more Mediterranean style climate.

In the past, white wines dominated South Africa, though in more recent times reds have caught up, which means now it is actually around a 50-50 split between what is made there.

Some of the best wines to come from this region are; Chenin Blanc, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Colombard, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc.