There is loads of press about the dementia epidemic affecting the UK. Yet there is very little constructive advice for people worried about it, and there is virtually no advice on how to prevent or delay it happening to you.

But all the medical evidence is out there. Here is a passage taken from Dr Phil Norrie’s paper on the health benefits of good wine:

Antioxidants, especially resveratrol in wine, stimulate a nerve enzyme called Mitogen Activated Protein (MAP) kinase which stimulates nerve cells and helps them regenerate their dendrites or nerve interconnections. Thus Dr. Alberto Bertelli from the University of Milan, the world authority on the subject, states “By daily reinforcing these contacts we can prevent neurodegeneration” (such as dementia and Parkinson’s Disease). He goes on to state this reduction could be as much as 80%.

There is an enormous array of benefits from drinking good wine:

Reduced vascular disease

(a) Reduced Coronary Heart Disease by up to 50%(9)

(b) Reduced Ischaemic Stroke (Ischaemic strokes account for 90-95% of all strokes)(10)

(c) Reduced Deep Vein Thrombosis by up to 50% (11)

(d) Reduced Ostoeporosis (12)

(e) Increased Intellect in the Elderly(7)

(f) Reduced Macular Degeneration (a common cause of blindness) by up to 34%(8)

(g) Reduced Renal Failure (up to 50% of renal failure due to Vascular disease)(13) elements, proteins and carbohydrates (1)

Reduced risk of cancer.

This is fantastic news, although you will not get those benefits from drinking processed wines such as those found at cheap prices in the supermarkets and multiple retailers. These contain very little  natural goodness, but plenty of additives. To get these benefits you need to drink good wines, made naturally.

Read Dr Phil’s full article “Why wine is different to other alcoholic Beverages.” It is fascinating and is full of truthful positive benefits of drinking real wine.