In light of the horse meat scandal it was announced on the BBC today that processed meat increases the likelihood of both cancer and heart disease – something that regular readers will know I’ve been saying since the very start of this blog site, although being a wine website I didn’t focus on just meat of course.

So what exactly is it that causes these diseases?

While the government and anti alcohol lobbies rack their brains (or lack of them!) for clues, we can do some basic detective work. Meat alone doesn’t cause cancer or heart disease but processed meat does – if we apply tradional logic here, the logical conclusion we draw then is that it is the processing that is the cause. This is exactly what I’ve been saying about processed wines for years – and exactly why the anti alcohol lobbies tell us that two glasses of wine a day will cause cancer.

There are so many chemicals in our food and drink these days that we have no idea what we’re eating and drinking. Frankly if we knew what was in there we wouldn’t eat it – exactly the same is true for processed wines too. Because it’s a liquid we somehow think that there can’t be anything harmful in there.

Sulphites are in nearly every processed food and drink in the UK, and these chemicals cause cancer – otherwise why would the medical profession insist anybody in remission for cancer cuts out all sulphites from their diet? Why has the World Health Organisation recommended banning them? The government and medical profession both know how harmful these sulphites are, but as there’s no viable alternative yet for mass produced foods (which we in the UK depend on as we have to import certain quotas from the EU)  it’s all being kept very quiet. The levels of sulphites and other harmful chemicals in mass produced wines is huge – over 80 different chemicals are permitted to be added. In fact cheap wine is virtually all chemical and no grape! And all those chemicals are playing havoc with our health.

Yet sulphite free natural wines are extremely beneficial to our health and will actually REDUCE THE LIKELIHOOD OF CONTRACTING CANCER BY 50%. And reduce the risk of HEART DISEASE BY 50% too. In fact they help combat a whole host of ailments including stroke, dementia, blood pressure, osteoporsis….. and loads more. Read all about the benefits of good sulphite free wines in this post here.