Solo Aurum Natura, very possibly the healthiest white wine available, is about to be launched in the UK from the first week of April 2012. Solo launched their first red “Navitas” last year.

Both wines are completely natural, packed full of natural anti oxidants and made without the use of any oenological products whatsoever – the Aurum does have a tiny dash of sulphites added at bottling which is needed to retain the wine’s natural acidity, but this is less than 5% of the permitted level and at this level is completely harmless even to people with a severe sulphite allergy.

There is no other chemical intervention anywhere from the initial plantings of the vineyards right through the winemaking to the bottling of the wine.

Natural wines are gaining in popularity at the moment but the big downfall of the vast majority of the whites is a lack of acidity which is a direct result of the complex chemical relationship between acidity and sulphur.

Without wishing to bore anybody, sulphites are added to wine as an anti oxidant. Some of these sulphites react with oxygen (and other substances) immediately and become “bound” and are then inert. More sulphites are added to remain free to protect the wine. But this “free” sulphur splits into two different forms – molecular SO2 and the bi-sulphite, and it is only the molecular SO2 which is effective as an anti oxidant, and this is by far the lesser of the two forms. The exact split between molecular SO2 and the bi-sulphite is determined by the acidity of a wine (and it’s temperature). A certain amount of sulphites is produced naturally during the fermentation process too. This effectively means that you cannot have a sulphite free wine with anywhere near decent acidity levels – it is a chemical impossibility. This lack of acidity in natural wines makes them “flabby” and an acquired taste!

So Solo set out with the aim of producing a natural white wine with all the flavour and acidity of a mainstream white wine, to give it a crisp dry finish. For this they had to add some sulphites but were able to keep this to an absolute minimum through using only perfect organically grown fruit, and the genius winemaking of Philippe Viret.

Philippe has been making excellent sulphite free wines for years at his unique winery (Domain Viret) in the Rhone Valley. So he was able to use his expertise and unique methods to produce this wine for Solo.

It is a blend of 65% Chardonnay, 30% Marsanne and 5% Viognier. All three varietals were fermented separately in concrete vats, then blended to achieve the required style and taste then further aged in tank prior to bottling. The wine is full of fruit flavour, yet clean and fresh with that all important crisp finish.

The best thing is that being a completely natural product it is actively good for you! The natural anti oxidants neutralise free radicals in the body, actively significantly reducing the risks of cancer. This natural wine is also beneficial for reducing the likelihood of dementia, stroke, heart disease and a whole host of other ailments.

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Solo Aurum Natura is available from sulphite free wine specialist