Julicher is a boutique winery in Wairarapa on the outskirts of Martinborough, New Zealand. It’s owned and run by Wim Julicher and his partner Sue. In fact Wim built the winery himself!

Their vineyards are on the Te Muna terraces, a beautiful setting. Te Muna means “secret place” in Maori, and the whole valley was formed by the Huangarua river thousands of years ago. As the river retreated it left these terraces with rich alluvial soils filled with minerals, ideal for viticulture.

The area has a very similar climate to Burgundy so no wonder it is producing some of New Zealand’s best Pinot Noir.

Wim built the winery right next to his vineyards. All grapes are hand picked into small 18kg boxes then taken immediately into the winery. These methods ensure the grapes are in excellent condition, and they eliminate the need to add sodium metabisulphite powder at harvest. They are accredited Sustainable Winegrowing vineyard.

Wim employs a winemaker callet Outi (originally from Helsinki) who settled in the area after working her way around the wine world. Between them they produce some exceptional wines. Other than Wim, Sue and Outa there are two vineyard hands and that’s the full team. At present they produce only 4,500 cases a year.

Julicher wines have received some very high praise and although their first vintage was only 2003 they have already amassed an impressive array of awards. Their whites are very good, full of fruit expression with clean unaldulterated flavours. Their Chardonnay, Reisling and Sauvignon Blanc have all won awards. Their Julicher Pinot Gris is fantastic but very limited so hasn’t been entered for any yet! They also make a delicious fresh Pinot Noir Rose.

But most impressive is their Pinot Noir. Julicher Pinot Noir 2009 won Gold at the New Zealand International Wine Show 2011. Julicher “99 Rows” Pinot Noir 2009 also won Gold at the New Zealand International Wine Show 2010 and Gold at the Hong Kong International Wine Show 2010. Not bad for a new boutique winery built and run by one man (and Sue of course!).

Their wines are available to buy retail from boutique specialist online retailer www.goodwineonline.co.uk