Have we ever heard such a load of complete and utter rubbish? Thanks to a combination of sensationalist journalism and incompetent scientific surveys, the British public are being repeatedly bombarded with scare mongering headlines and completely false information. Frankly it beggars belief.

On the surface this has nothing to do with wine of course, so why did I write this? Because it is all linked to the great sulphite cover up. I like to think I’m a rational logical person, but I’m becoming paranoid that there must be a conspiracy at the top of government and industry. I appreciate that many of our politicians aren’t scientifically qualified, but between all the politicians, medical professionals, research scientists and global manufacturing companies there has to be somebody with some intelligence and common sense, doesn’t there? Somewhere? Well it appears not.

I watched the Doctor Rosemary interview on BBC TV on the subject of child asthma having climbed to around 35% in developed countries while it’s still around 2% in undeveloped countries. There is plenty of research which says sulphites are to blame. And as sulphites aren’t used in undeveloped countries it certainly stacks up, but what did she say “I think it may be something to do with bacteria”. Well done doctor! It reminds me of that classic Stephen Fry line in Blackadder IV, which went something like “when all else fails a pig headed reluctance to look stark facts in the face will see us through”. Now instead of examining this latest survey from a medical perspective which is presumably why she is invited on the show (BBC Breakfast), she’s simply telling us to restrict ourselves to two rashers of bacon a week! Let’s at least have some thought and discussion, not just a knee jerk reaction.

Fantastic headline on the BBC this morning “Eating red meat gives you cancer” then they add “according to a new report from the USA”.Then they don’t add that this report is completely flawed and not worth the paper it’s written on! In fact who did write it? Do we know? What were the criteria used?

They qualify the headline by then saying “processed meat is particularly bad for you and causes cancer”. Yes BECAUSE IT CONTAINS SULPHITES! Has the penny not dropped with any of these so called researchers yet? In the report “2 glasses of wine a day causes cancer” they didn’t differentiate between alcoholic drinks containing masses of artificial preservatives (sulphites) and preservative free drinks. Exactly as they didn’t differentiate between types of food in this survey – processed and packed full of chemicals, or fresh natural and healthy.

If red meat gives everybody cancer how has mankind survived on a diet of predominantly meat for millions of years? Possibly because it wasn’t processed and pumped full of harmful chemicals? Heaven forbid somebody might ask that question at the right level – they would be quickly hushed up!

Why does the “French paradox” exist? With all the research about fatty foods and alcohol, the French who eat a higher amount of suturated fat in their diet and drink well over the weekly recommended alcohol units, are healthier than the rest of us!  – Because they eat real food, fresh and local, not the processed rubbish we get inundated with. The local naturally made wines they’ve been drinking for decades are actively good for them as they contain natural anti oxidants and actively prevent cancer.

I had an email exchange with these Change 4 Life people last week too. I asked them why they used these sensationalist headlines rather than the truth, and why they recommended such ridiculous alcohol limits. I pointed out that drinking the right healthy wines in moderation was actively beneficial healthwise and a preventor of heart disease, cancer and stroke. I got a flimsy reply based on complete untruth again, and they focussed on liver disease choosing not to argue the point on the other diseases. They insisted that all alcohol was bad for you even in moderation. Where the actual truth is that people who drink in moderation have healthier livers than people who abstain completely. Many French, Italians and other Mediteranean races have consumed several pints of wine every day for their entire lives with no ill effects. Yet if we go by the UK recommended alcohol limits, two ladies having a gin and tonic before dinner then sharing a bottle of wine with their meal are officially classed as binge drinkers and at high risk of developing cancer! What kind of message is this sending out to the concerned British populace who want to know where a healthy balance lies?

I’m at the point of just giving up. Has common sense gone completely out of the window? The government permit these toxins to be added to virtually everything we eat and drink, then tell us to avoid eating or drinking anything!

Personally we eat only natural fresh foods and drink only good wines, many completely chemical free, others just very low in chemicals. I haven’t had a hangover in years. I’m not going to pay any more attention to this complete nonsensical health advice the government keep publishing. When I was in school doing experiments in chemistry we had to prove the results of these experiments or we wouldn’t get marks. It seems these days that anybody can do a (flawed) survey, draw any random conclusion and it gets stated as fact on the national news – assuming it’s scary and hard hitting enough. Drinking natural wines is extremely beneficial for your health and actively substantially reduces the risks of cancer, heart diesease, diabetes, dementia, Parkinsons and many other diseases. But do they announce that on TV? No – because it’s not bad news, it’s good news and it seems that’s well out of vogue these days!