The tabloids and media have, for as long as we can remember, reported on the anti social behaviour and violence on our streets caused by the availability of cheap alcohol.

There are people in our society who sit around all day consuming cheap booze then make a nuisance of themselves to innocent members of the public with violent aggressive behaviour often resulting in police intervention. And consecutive governments have failed to do anything about it.

Well this time we’re not talking about a Wetherspoons day centre for the long term unemployed, it has finally kicked off in the House of Commons with Labour MP Eric Joyce planting a “glasgow kiss” on a Tory MP!

 Apparently Mr Joyce had spent the day drinking in the Stranger’s Bar in the House of Commons, open to MPs and guests only, selling cheap TAX FREE alcoholic drinks.

We all used to enjoy an “all dayer” once in a while when we were younger, but at 51 you would have thought ex soldier Mr Joyce would not only know better, but also have passed that stage of life by now. During the fracas he is alleged to have hit a Labour whip as well, and was finally subdued when other MPs sat on him!

Mr Joyce is likely to face severe consequences including losing his job as an MP. He’ll be kicking himself – if only he had left it till the kebab house or Indian like the rest of us, then it would have gone unnoticed by the authorities!