Change 4 Life (alcohol) – a load of humbug!

Little disclaimer and explanation – I’m talking about GOOD WINE made without chemicals. C4L is encompassing all alcoholic drinks under one umbrella which is their big mistake!

While watching TV last night I was shocked to see an advert from Change 4 Life telling people that drinking 2 glasses of wine a day will give them cancer! How irresponsible is this? Not only is this absolute rubbish, but it beggars belief that somebody has decided to pay for it to go on national television! Change 4 Life is promoted by the NHS but there is no doubt that this completely false message was invented by central government – exactly the same as the completely ficticious alcohol unit limit farce. (The government employed a think tank of medical experts to come up with a “safe recommended limit” then decided they didn’t like the number they came up with and basically chopped it in half!)

I’ve been on the Change 4 Life website this morning and seen a list of all the negative effects this “excessive” drinking can cause, and frankly that is a load of rubbish as well. In fact drinking good wine  – IN MODERATION – has a positive effect on people’s health in virtually all the areas they ‘re telling us it is negative!  Below is the text taken from their website, with the truth in bold!

(PLEASE NOTE – I’m talking about good natural sulphite free wine (in moderation), made without the addition of harmful chemicals. This does not apply to mass produced wines or other mass produced alcoholic drinks, which contain substantial quantities of artificial preservatives and other chemicals, and which can be harmful).

Regularly drinking over the lower-risk guidelines increases the chances of suffering from any of the conditions below:

  • Cancer of the mouth, throat, oesophagus or larynx
  • Actually good natural sulphite free wine reduces the risks of cancer because the natural antioxidants block the free radicals which cause damage to the cell’s nucleus. Cheap mass produced wine has the opposite effect.
  • Breast cancer in women
  • As Above
  • Stroke
  • Likelihood of a stroke is in fact REDUCED by up to 50% .
  • Heart disease or an irregular heartbeat, which can lead to heart attack
  • Again REDUCED by up to 50% . This is because heart disease, stroke, aneursyms, DVT and kidney failure are all part of the vascular tree, and drinking good wine reduces the likelihood of vacular disease by a whopping 50%!
  • High blood pressure
  • No – drinking good wine actually reduces blood pressure!
  • Liver damage such as cirrhosis and liver cancer
  • No, not if you drink sparingly and slowly. (Drinking any acohol to excess is not good for you though!) – because good wine doesn’t contain masses of harmful additional chemicals (as in factory produced wines, beers, alcopops etc) the liver is free to process the alcohol which, in reasonable amounts, it can handle easily. In mass produced drinks where nasty chemicals are present it processes them first leaving the alcohol to cause damage. However too much alcohol in one go is still not good for you, remember – drink in moderation.
  • Pancreatitis
  • Most pancreatitis is caused by gallstones, but drinkling good wine actually reduces the likelihood of getting gallstones by 30%
  • Depression, memory loss, brain damage or dementia
  • No – exactly the opposite in fact. The natural antioxidants stimulate nerve enzymes called MAP kinase, which regenerate nerve connections reducing neurodegeneration, the cause of Parkinsons and dementure. The nutrients and vitamins in good wine are a positive tonic and combat depression.
  • Reduced fertility
  • I couldn’t comment on this one!

The major point that the government are missing here is the difference between good wine made naturally without additional harmful chemicals, and mass produced alcoholic drinks infused with artificial additives. We’ve said for years that the excessive use of sulphites in both food and drink, including virtually all mass produced wines, is causing cancer. It is great that the government has finally admitted this, although they’re not brave enough to differentiate between quality well made natural products and the mass produced crap that dominates our high streets. Rather than risk the wrath of powerful global companies they’d rather mask it all in one obscure misleading generalisation! You’ll notice the supermarkets have all converted their own brand foods to “no artificial additives or preservatives” precisely because they know the damage these additives are doing. However at the present time it simply isn’t possible to do it with their cheap factory made wines because they are mainly nasty chemicals with a little grape juice!

If the government did publicly admit this we would have a national panic on our hands as people everywhere would stop consuming all these mass produced foods and drinks. The supply chain would collapse, and so would many global companies. So it is a delicate issue, but I still believe people’s health should be put before corporate profit. Interestingly parliament has an incredible wine cellar – no supermarket plonk full of chemicals in there – and the House of Commons bar sources real ales from micro breweries produced without excessive chemicals – what a coincidence!

Some of us are fortunate enough to have discovered the harm these chemical infused food and drinks are doing to us, and we’ve been able to change our eating and drinking habits.

For a full medical health benefit report on why good wine is actively good for us by renowned doctor and winemaker DR Phil Norrie MBBS, MA, MSc, MSocSc(Hons), PhD, MD(cand), click here. It is fascinating reading, although slightly heavy going on page 1 – all the benefits are summarised on two pages at the end. To benefit most we should drink a moderate amount of good wine EVERY DAY as the human body is not able to store these natural anti oxidants for future use.

Dr Phil actually says that “people who regularly drink good red wine in moderation have the lowest death rates of all causes” – great news indeed!

You can find good chemical free natural wine here!

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  • Simone

    This article is extremely misleading and damaging. The risk to the human body is from alcohol – wine is only good for health in small amounts and for particular groups of people. Alcohol is a poison and the body must break it down to get rid of it using the liver, as it does with all toxins. Alcohol is alcohol, whether it is in wine or beer or spirits.
    I think that if ‘good wine’ was the elixir you say it is, we would indeed be recommending it on the NHS. The aim of government is to reduce ill health and impacts on services and people’s lives from drinking alcohol – which is not a government conspiracy. Indeed, there is so much pressure from alcoholic drink producers and distributors because of the financial influence they have that this is already an uphill struggle. If anything, the government is complicit in this, rather than trying to brainwash people with so-called false messages. I’m not sure what your credentials are, but you would do well to check your facts before making your claims. Hospital admissions, the cost to the NHS and wider services, and the increasing rates of liver disease are not myth propagated by government. And they are not avoided by drinking ‘good wine’. Think carefully about how much you’re willing to pay for your health care – because drains like this on the NHS will impact on what you can access if something doesn’t change.

  • admin

    Hi Simone

    It may not look like it on the surface but we actually agree here on most points. I agree that the alcohol culture in the UK is extremely damaging for people’s long term health. I also agree that the drinks producers are extremely powerful and the government is reluctant to tackle the issue. That is the whole point of the article – that in the UK we’re being duped into drinking mass produced, chemical laden products which are extremely detrimental to our health. They are everywhere – in the on-trade in bars and restaurants, and making up at least 80% of the wine sold in the off-trade, so the consumer assumes it’s perfectly normal and safe!

    I’m trying to explain to our discerning readers that not all alcoholic drinks or even wines are the same. That mass produced drinks full of artificial chemicals are actively bad for us, but also that natural wines, made without chemcials and containing anti-oxidants are actually good for us – in moderation. Since reading your feedback I’ve inserted “in moderation” into various places in the article to hammer the message home. This isn’t carte blanche to recklessly drink gallons of wine every day, but people can make a positive change to improve their health by switching to healthier drinks.

    My beef is with the government (and subsequently the Health Secretary/NHS) for glossing over the issue and classing all alcoholic drinks as the same, when they are clearly not. Then they come out with scare mongering tactics like this. If they’re serious about reducing the incidents of cancer, diabetes and heart disease (the UK’s biggest killer) in the future they should be addressing the issue of the harm caused by sulphites and the benefits available from switching to natural healthy alternatives.

    Drinking good natural wine, without chemicals, in moderation is actively good for you and can help prevent these diseases – that is medical fact (leaving my credentials aside), please read the article by Dr Phil Norrie for the medical references from some of the world’s most eminent doctors in the respective fields. I still maintain the NHS propaganda that two glasses a day of any wine will give you cancer is untrue and could put people off drinking something which is actually good for them – and which could help prevent them from being a drain on the NHS in the future, which is what the NHS actually wants.

    The government (NHS) should provide a truthful, accurate clear website so that people can make an informed choice. To be blunt, this Change 4 Life is aiming to convey a general message to a mass market, basically the binge drinking culture. The subject of health and alcoholic drinks is not straight forward, and if we’re to educate people properly, it needs a studied, professional independent approach. These generalisations give a mixed (inaccurate) message, and because of this aren’t taken seriously by many sections of the population.

  • Simone

    Yes, you’re right, it is misleading to make generalisations,which is why the health service errs on the side of safety. Drinking a couple of glasses of wine a day is not ‘safe’ for the majority, no matter what type of alcohol that is. The studies that show benefit are for a small amount of red wine, on males over 55 who have particular conditions – and this is not a catch-all.
    The NHS guidance does not say that drinking gives you cancer, but that by drinking above the guidelines you are actively increasing your risk of them – because the evidence is there. The guidance is there to help you minimise this risk – you are an active participant and encouraged to make an informed choice.
    Please do not refer to NHS guidance as propaganda – this asserts that it is uninformed and not evidence based. This makes a mockery of the jobs people do to research issues and look for the best evidence to reduce health harms for people in this country. And please do not assume that the majority of workers in the NHS agree with the government line – NHS and government are not terms to be used interchangeably if we’re talking about who is making what recommendations. If you want to find the truth in the issue, look to who is making the statement. Those working for the NHS inform and support people to make healthier choices because they work to improve health – not because they are seeking support for their political views and want to win votes.