Mills Reef Winery is one of New Zealand’s best premium wineries, particularly noted for producing some of New Zealand’s best Syrah, Cabernet and Bordeaux blends. Their vineyards are in the Hawke’s Bay region, although the actual winery is further north at Bethlehem just outside Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.

The stunning winery was purpose built on a 20 acre site and is a visitor’s delight. There’s an award winning restaurant catering for 150 covers with a sun drenched terrace, somewhere to escape the hustle of the busy port a few km down the road. If you’re touring New Zealand it’s a great place to stop for lunch as the only other winery in the region is Morton Estate, and although they also make great wines they don’t have a restaurant on site. Tauranga itself continues to develop and what was once a beautiful getaway to the beach is now a major industrial port over shadowing the pretty low level town centre. It’s got so big with miles of cement factories that driving into Tauranga is no longer a pleasant experience – just pop to Mills Reef instead and sit in the sun with some great food and wine!

Mills Reef was developed by the Preston family with a dedication to producing the best hand crafted wines. They now have a very impressive array of awards and continue to produce exceptional wines.

Mills Reef wines have never been available in the UK before, but most of their top two tiers of wines, Elspeth and Reserve, are available to buy retail through Unfortunately many of their top wines are so sought after they are sold out on release, so getting hold of “New Zealand’s Best Syrah” is not easy!

Check out the Mills Reef website for more info: