I’m writing this brief piece because once again I’ve stumbled upon a piece of text on the internet from a reputable source that gives out completely false information – it says “sulphites in wine are unlikely to affect you unless you are asthmatic”. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are tens of thousands of people who have developed a sulphite allergy over the last few years, and this has absolutely nothing to do with being asthmatic. You do not need to be diagnosed with asthma to become allergic to sulphites! This association has been made because one of the many possible symptoms of a sulphite allergy is anaphalactic shock. Another common sympton is sneezing so it’s like saying it only affects a minority of hayfever sufferers!

But the biggest fault with this statement – far worse than just being entirely wrong regarding who may have an allergic reaction to sulphites – is the implication that they do no harm to anybody else! Sulphites poison people and cause cancer (and asthma by chance). It was just announced this week that half of cancers could be prevented by better diet and lifestyle. And they highlighted that medical and press favourite “alcohol”. It is not the alcohol that does this, but it is directly related to many (but not all!) alcoholic drinks – the ones which contain masses of added sulphites.

If you knew what went into the cheap factory produced wines that you see on the supermarket shelves, you would run a mile. Up to 80 different chemicals are permitted to be added.

Many of the supermarket own branded food products now state on the label “no artificial additives or preservatives”. Yet they opt for the cheapest nastiest wines they can source. It’s all very well cutting out processed foods (which were again named as a cause of cancer in this research, which again all contain high levels of sulphites), but it won’t make any significant difference to you if you continue to drink highly chemicalled wines.

Drinking good, natural wine is actually highly beneficial to your health, and  actively combats cancer as the natural anti oxidants neutralise the potentially harmful free radicals in your body. So to say that “alcohol causes cancer” is firstly completely untrue and secondly completely irresponsible. If they said “factory manufactured alcoholic drinks with added sulphites cause cancer” they would be bang on, but of course there would be uproar in the global production companies and supermarkets who make so much money out of them, not to mention the Treasury who does rather nicely too. So they’ll just say nothing, and let us all go on consuming toxins on a daily basis.

If you want to look after your long term health cut out processed foods AND processed wines, and eat and drink natural healthy produce. The “Mediteranean diet” is just that – local wines made without masses of added chemicals, and fresh natural fruit, veg and meat, again non-processed without all these additional chemicals. Is it coincidence these are some of the longest lived people on the planet? – No, they just don’t poison themselves on a daily basis as many of us in the UK do!