The recent riots in the UK have finally made politicians sit up and take notice of the sub culture which has existed in this country for years. At last we, the British public, feel the politicians may be beginning to take notice of some of the things which have been wrong with this country for so long. Speak to any hard working British citizen and there are about a dozen major concerns which most people seem to have in common – immigration policy, benefits, taxes, fuel duty, unemployment, corrupt politicians, dodgy bankers, education system, criminal justice system and a few others, but by far the biggest complaint we all make is the one we simply can’t understand………….EU beaurocracy!

Why is it we have to have our bins emptied fortnightly? And all these different recycling boxes, so we’re all leaving rubbish in our back gardens for 14 days between collections – ask any binman and it appears that most of this rubbish which we have spent time separating simply gets tipped back into landfill anyway as “they don’t have the staff to process it”.

What about this ridiculous set of new bus stops built out into the road which brings traffic to a standstill. Our former system of a separate layby for the bus to pull in to made sense – but isn’t compliant with EU rules so we have to spend millions concreting over them.

What about these ludicrous windfarms – giant turbines all around the coast which are basically ineffective. They can’t operate when it’s too windy, or when it’s not very windy. They can operate in moderate winds but then produce next to no electricity anyway. It’s costing billions and many firms are making a killing. The “carbon footprint” of producing these things completely negates any benefit they produce. Mark my words, by 2100 they will all be pulled down, again at massive expense earning yet another bumper purse for the firms with the right connections in Whitehall.

What about the simple things? I’ve just imported some “organic” wine from outside the EU and had to jump through so many hoops to do so, and pay significant fees to two quangos to be allowed to import them. In california organic production is very tightly regulated and certified. Californian certified organic wines aren’t allowed to have chemicals added (including sulphites), but this isn’t good enough for the EU. They need their own certificates, the Californian ones won’t do! But EU certified organic wines are only certified for grape growing and can have huge dollops of sulphites and plenty of other chemical additives. So the wine I’m importing is pure, the real mccoy, but the stuff we don’t need certificates for (produced in the EU) is not pure, in fact it’s full of chemicals!!!

I’m delighted to see the politicians at least claiming they’re going to start addressing things. Why can’t we simply disband the biggest quango of all time – the EU, and just trade with Europe as independent countries again? There is a coal powered steam train at Llanberis which ferries tourists along the lake,  literally half a mile from an active coal mine yet the coal it runs on is imported from Germany!!! I’m no expert on so called “carbon footprints” but it doesn’t take a quango of 20 people on huge salaries and expenses to work out that it’s just plain bonkers! Let’s get rid of this EU bull***t once and for all.