One glass of wine or one pint of beer a day can cause cancer – that is the headline on the news today, and is the biggest load of crap I’ve heard in a long time. Again the media are using sensationalist headlines to grab attention, at the expense of real informative journalism.

Before you read any more let me explain that good wine has many health benefits and will actually help prevent cancer (and other diseases). If you want the facts on the subject rather than the sensational headlines and media spin, read Dr Phil Norrie’s revealing factual report here.

The British Medical Journal has published a report based on research carried out by a large group of leading medical scientists who spent millions researching drinking habits across tens of thousands of people in Europe. They came up with this ludicrous conclusion. No doubt in their report it will have been written suggestively “according to our research….may lead to….in certain people….” etc, which the media will have seized on and pulled out their definitive headline! The report goes into great detail about the individuals and their habits from smoking and diet to Body Mass Index, and even many factors as bizare as whether they had ever used oral contraception! However the one key factor they clearly didn’t consider also happens to be the most important factor in the whole investigation – what did they actually drink!

To include all alcoholic drinks under one umbrella shows complete professional incompetence, and a general lack of understanding about the drinks industry and the vast array of different ingredients involved. The obvious common denominator in their research was “alcohol” so they’ve concluded (wrongly!) that it is alcohol which causes the problem. This is like researching everybody who has ever eaten a pie, then because some people have some reactions, concluding it must be the one common denominator – the  pastry – that is bad for you! All those years ago when I was in school studying chemistry we were told that finding a common link between substance and reaction was not enough, we had to find definite proof. It would seem that’s all changed then?

For those of you who may not know, wines are permitted to have up to 80 different chemiclas added, and many of the mass produced ones do contain a huge amount! In fact they are more chemical than wine! Even EU “Organic” wines and Biodynamic certified wines are permitted to add chemicals including the one that is genuinely believed to cause cancer (and asthma) – sulphites. However there are a number of well made natural wines which contain no chemical additives whatsoever, and are sulphur free. How can a professional medical body not distinguish between the two for such important medical research?

Then take a look at beer. UK brewed lagers (and even real ales) brewed on a large scale by the major breweries all have large quantities of sulphites (and other chemicals) added as a preservative. But opt for a German Pilsner brewed to the purity laws and there are none. Or have a pint from a good micro brewery and it will also likely be chemical free. How can these be compared like for like? How bad a head do you get after a couple of pints of UK brewed Stella? But have a few bottles of the Belgian one which is more or less pure……

Then take a look at PPS – “alcopops” to you and me. They are made in factories by blending different chemicals!!! I’ve watched some being made and they didn’t even have any fruit basis to them, just different tanks of chemical! Cheap spirits are the same – just a blend of cheap chemicals and industrial alcohol.

All these drinks contain significant amounts of sulphites – a preservative which killed 30 people in the USA at just one salad bar! The World Health Organisation has recommended getting rid of them finally, after the Centre for Scientific Research in the Public Interest recommended banning them in the 1970s – and were suitably ignored of course!

Sulphites are widely used on a massive scale in the food and drink industry as a preservative. They’re in virtually all mass produced drinks, alcoholic and many soft drinks like fruit juices, as well as in seafood, processed meats, crisps, dried fruits, potato products…..the list is endless, which is exactly why nobody will openly admit these sulphites cause mouth, throat and abdominal cancers as well as asthma. The truth is industry doesn’t have a viable alternative so they’re trying to keep a lid on things till one can be found. Have you noticed now, all the foods (particularly own brands) in the supermarket are converting QUIETLY to “no added preservatives”. If I was a supermarket converting all these foods for the benefit of my customers I’d want them to know I was going to this extra trouble and expense for them, wouldn’t I? Do we conclude they’re keeping it quiet for a reason? McDonalds now iuses only organic milk – did we know that?

Winemaker Dr Phil Norrie has discovered an alternative to sulphites but it is still a long way from being ready on a commercial scale. RESVERATROL  which occurs naturally in grape skins, is nature’s most powerful anti oxidant and is actively good for you. However the EU has blocked import of Dr Phil’s Resveratrol enhanced wines into the UK for the last three years! However Nestle Pharmaceutical have given him massive financial backing to develop Resveratrol as they can see the widespread opportunities for a beneficial healthy preservative in foods and medicines, rather than one that actively poisons people.

Dr Phil has been researching the health benefits of wine for the last 30 years and has had many articles widely published.  He states that “people who regularly drink (in moderation) good red wine are less likely to die of any cause”. That is in part because they contain natural anti oxidants in the tannins that help combat the free radicals in the body that cause cancer. Good red wines also contain various other natural substances which are beneficial too, as well as the alcohol which taken in moderation is also beneficial as a relaxant and to destress.

So in complete contradiction to the headline above, good red wine is not only not bad for you, it is actively good for you and actually helps PREVENT cancer, not cause it! Just steer well clear of the mass produced rubbish pumped full of chemicals! That goes for wines, spirits, beers and even foods as well.

I suggest you save this article – in 10 years time we will look back and question why something wasn’t done now, and big industry will plead ignorance as their defence.  Mark my words!