Buy gourmet meats online? Order gourmet sausages, steaks, burgers online for home delivery? YES –  that is exactly what people are now doing from companies like  I put it down to a combination of factors – the credit crunch, the success of TV programmes like Come Dine With Me and Masterchef, and even the widely publicised M&S meal deals where two people can eat for £10 – so long as they only have pensioner size appetites of course (a meal deal for 2 just about fills me up and I give the wine to the mother in law, and drink something decent from the cellar!)

Dining in is the new going out, there is no doubt about that. Restaurant prices have always been high, partly down to high running costs and taxes, but also down to greed. Restaurateurs believe they have the right to charge astronomical mark ups on wine, and food, often aiming to make 72% gross profit on retail. The paying public have now examined their spending habits to see where they can make savings, and eating and drinking out is an obvious choice.

For £20 in a restaurant you can get a bottle of wine which would retail for £5 in a shop, but for £20 on the internet you can get a bottle of wine which would retail for £25 in a shop! You spend the same amount but you get a far superior product, and much better value….and VALUE is what the whole credit crunch has brought home. People still want to treat themselves, and don’t mind spending their hard earned money, but they won’t be ripped off any more.

We all know wine sales have been very successful on the internet and this is now the favoured method for buying quality wine for the simple reasons of widest choice, accessible info and advice, best prices and next day delivery (to save lugging it home yourself). So it is a natural progression for free thinking businesses like to extend this to offer gourmet foods online too.

So is the food any good? And is it cheaper than the supermarket or local butcher?

Firstly you will only find average meat (always bright pink which steak should not be!) and fish in the supermarket as their market, as with wines, is mass produced products in large volumes. We all perceive the supermarkets to offer value too, but then when we check the price of meat in particular we note that it’s not as cheap as we thought!

The local butcher on the other hand will offer good quality produce but prices can be high. Westin Gourmet have hit the magic middle ground – top quality but at realistic affordable prices. So how do they do it? Well the one minor drawback which is essential to make the system work, is that you have to buy in volume – not half a cow or anything like that, but in larger quantities than you would pick up from the local butcher. Perhaps a pack of 10 fillets or a dozen chicken breasts. And it makes sense to buy several items at the same time to reach £75 to qualify for free delivery. But that’s very easy to do as they offer a great range so you can pick up a roast for Sunday, a pack of sirloins for dinner on Friday night and some sausages and burgers for the kids – healthy ones, made properly with actual high meat content! The benefits are of course great value, great taste and reliable ethically produced healthy meats.

I tried a few things from In fact I’m eating a roast beef butty as I write this, made from their 100 day matured Aussie rolled topside. It was a good size so we had to cut the joint in half, then had a roast beef on Sunday with it and I’m still eating butties today!  There were two items which stood out as sensational, although we’ve only tried a few of the meats so far, so there could be plenty more to come. But their cumberland sausages were absolutely gorgeous! We normally buy ours from an award winning local butchers, but these were a different class altogether. And the smoked salmon was just incredible.

I’m a convert already. We belive in drinking good quality, healthy wines low in chemiclas and additives, and we extend this to our food too. Proper healthy meat packed with flavour and goodness. Personally I’m delighted to have discovered a way to buy delicious meats at the right price – and I can do it all from the computer. They deliver the meats next day in specialised refrigerated packaging! Give a try – you will be impressed!