The sulphite free wine movement is gaining more and more momentum globally these days as the consumer is beginning to realise the health benefits of drinking well made healthy wines. There are up to 80 different chemicals permitted to be added to your wine, many of which can have negative effects on your health. Sulphites in particular have been linked to stomach and throat cancer, and are ‘hugely influential’ in the rapid increase in asthma. In “3rd world” countries where they don’t use sulphites asthma rates in children are around 2%. In “developed” countries where these sulphites are added to a vast array of foods and drinks, asthma rates in children have increased from 2% in the 1970s to nearly 40% these days. Well made good red wines contain natural anti oxidants (as opposed to massive doses of sulphites in cheap wines) which combat free radicals in the body actively reducing the risks of cancer. In fact according to renowned physician Dr Phillip Norrie, good red wine drunk in moderation is extremely beneficial to a person’s health, and people who regularly drink good red wine are less likely than those who don’t, to die of any cause. Crack a bottle now!

We’re delighted to have discovered a family owned winery in Chile just outside Santiago called Teillery who were Chile’s first certified organic winery. They’ve gone one step further this year with the first release of Chile’s only ‘no added sulphur’ wine. Chile is well known for giving us affordable mass produced wines which have traditionally been high in sulphites, although they do also produce a few world class wines too, particularly Cabernet Sauvignons and red blends. So we applaud Teillery for their bold move away from the norm toward producing pure wines.

Mr Teillery has been studying and researching production methods to make no added sulphur wines for the last 30 years plus. He owns several successful businesses including orchards and has now finally realised his dream buying the winery a few years ago and producing his own no added sulphur wine. There are several producers in Australia and South Africa who make no added sulphur wines, and while some of them are ok, many of them are terrible such as the Stellar Organics range from South Africa – I’m all for natural wines but the whole point of a wine is that it should  taste nice, something Stellar have clearly forgotten! I’ve tried all their reds and haven’t actually been able to drink any of them.

So what is the Teillery wine like? Originating from Chile, from organic vineyards, what will it taste like? Well, great news, I’ve tasted their no added sulphur Cabernet Sauvignon and it is fantastic, a great Cab Sauv in it’s own right, full flavoured, very smooth, supremely balanced with a really long finish too. It’s simply very good wine – then the bonus is there are no added chemicals, only natural beneficial anti oxidants.

Where can we buy it? Well as it has only just been released it isn’t in the UK yet but apparently Teillery have approached the UK’s market leader for sulphite free wine who have confirmed they are looking at stocking it in the new year – it takes upto 7 weeks by boat from Chile so look out for it from February onward, it really is worth waiting for!