vinturitower-deluxThe Vinturi wine aerater is a fast and simple way to let your good red wine ‘breathe’ so you can enjoy it immediately without having to wait for an hour for it to open up.

Clearly there are huge benefits to this system for many people. Firstly for the red wine lovers amongst us enjoying a bottle at home. How many times have we opened a big red such as an Amarone or a top Bordeaux blend and poured out a glass and spent endless minutes swilling it to aerate it. Only the surface of the wine is in contact with the air so this technique doesn’t really do the job. Then will the second glass taste anything like the first? What if we want to top up our guests glasses before they’ve emptied them?

We could of course decant the wine, assuming we own a decanter. Again this is a little tricky, a steady hand is needed to avoid spillage – and wastage, and watch that bit of sediment sliding down the bottle neck – too late, it’s in the decanter! Now try and pour from the decanter into your glass! We also want our guests to know what they’re drinking. If I’ve splashed out £30 plus on an Amarone I’d like my friends to appreciate it and admire the bottle and savour the wine – not have the next door neighbour pour herself a pint from the decanter thinking it’s come from a 3 litre Tesco box! I like to introduce my friends to different wines to expand tasting experiences, so rather than have several bottles of the same wine I prefer to have several different ones to compare and discuss. If we’re having three different reds over the course of an evening how many decanters will we need? And, by the end of the night, will we remember which wine is in each one?

With the Vinturi you simply pour your wine through the device into your glass. During the process the unique design sucks in just the right amount of air to aerate your wine and it’s ready to drink. The Vinturi Delux has it’s own stand so you place your glass on the stand under the Vinturi and pour your wine through – simple. It works on a vacuum system, no batteries or mechanical parts to go wrong, and after use simply flush it by pouring through some water.

Does it really work?

Yes. I’ve tried it on several big reds by pouring one glass straight from the bottle, the other through the Vinturi. The Vinturi wine has a noticeable increase in aroma and flavour immediately. In fact the system is so successful that Vinturi are being used in Michelin starred restaurants in the USA and the UK.

How much? Where can I buy one?

They’re widely available from wine merchants and gadget retailers. The standard Vinturi has a retail price of £39.95 and the Delux £59.95. Personally I’d splash out on the delux model. A few retailers are discounting them by a couple of pounds but the best value for a Vinturi is who include a free bottle of Rapitala Rosso IGT Sicilia (worth £8.67) on the standard model, or a free bottle of the superb award winning Zevenwacht Syrah Stellenbosch (worth £14.95) on the Delux model. After all, you’ll want a good bottle of wine to try it on!