Vinturi Wine Aerater – best deal

Jan 29

The Vinturi wine aerater is a fast and simple way to let your good red wine ‘breathe’ so you can enjoy it immediately without having to wait for an hour for it to open up. Clearly there are huge benefits to this system for many people. Firstly for the red wine lovers amongst us enjoying a bottle at home. How many times have we opened a big red such as...

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Impending wine price increases!

Jan 23

Yes, yet again we have more price increases on the way. With VAT having been restored to 17.5% a case of wine at £10 per bottle now costs an additional £2.50, which goes straight to the Treasury. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Further increases are imminent. From Darling’s budget two years ago, Excise Duty is set to increase by 2% ‘above the...

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