The internet is full of wine blogs, wine enthusiasts just like ourselves who like and enjoy wine as part of their everyday lives. However, with everything, there is a lot of misinformation and content put out by poor quality commercial wineries, pretending to be independent, peddling their wares. Who do you trust? Here are 3 blogs that share the same passion and knowledge as Wine Wire, and are well worth taking a look at.

1. Wine Conversation –

This wine blog was set up Robert McIntosh a wine blogger who began wine blogging in 2006. He works in the UK representing wineries from Rioja, although this is his job, the Wine Conversation blog has nothing to do with his work and the blog is set up for his own thoughts on wine. This wine blog focuses on different innovative ways on wine marketing from up to date wine communication, distribution and packaging. The wine conversation blog is unique as it expresses wine culture from the mind of the real wine appreciator.

We like this wine blog because it offers readers an inspiring and innovative education on wine & wine marketing. Also it seems to be ahead of other wine blogs in bringing up to date wine blogging marketing through different inventive mediums.

Blogs we like from the Wine Conversation

The future of wine writing
Interactive wine tasting

2. Jamie Goode’s wine blog –

Jamie Goode is a wine journalist, a member of the circle of wine writers, book editor, and publisher for, a leading wine website.

Jamie is very popular within the wine writing industry and has his own column within The Sunday Express. With his job come fantastic opportunities for travel and wine tasting. The reason we like Jamie Goode’s blog is because it is very personal to his life experiences. We enjoy reading what he has been up to and what he has seen that week. He reports back on some of the most beautiful places in the world, and he gets to visit fantastic vineyards, which we enjoy learning about.

Blogs we like from Jamie are

Cornwall: the Eden Project
The Beauty of the Douro

3. Confessions of a Wino –

This wine blog is by Alastair Bathgathe who describes himself as an amateur wine enthusiast (whose waistline also reveals a love of decent food). We like this wine blog because it is for everyone. Alastair shares his passions for different wines and foods for all types of wine enthusiasts. He writes his blog unpretentiously and it is easily followed by everyone from other wine bloggers to wine lovers to wine marketers, while also being informative. He also thinks about those of us out there who don’t have an extremely high budget for wine and dining out, but at the same time brings us good quality wines which we can afford to try.

Blogs we like from confessions of a wino are

Chateau de Francs 2005
Italian Freemasons nobble me in Manchester

Your Favourites?

These are 3 blogs we like at Wine Wire, but we are always open to reading new blogs or websites. Do let us know in the comments which are your favourites & why.